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50 years, 5 churches, focused on feeding families

For 50 years we have been coordinating efforts among five churches to offer food to families in need at least twice a week at a central location in town.  We provide food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; two bags to each client that enters, and usually they also leave with a bottle of laundry detergent if we have it to offer.  Over the years the generosity from the church and the community has grown.  We have community partners who provide eggs each week, so each client has a carton of eggs when they leave; we have another partner who donates chicken for families.  Each church supplements the food offered to families by providing butter, cheese, and bread to every family that comes through our pantry.  Moreover, the churches involved conduct drives for hygiene products, cleaning items, and toiletries for our families in need.  We could not do this work without our community and are so grateful to the kindness and generosity in Hall County.   

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